Top Social Media Trends Defining Business Today

Social media is all about trail blazing and innovation. This innovation has continued way after Facebook launched in 2004. These trends and innovations have been defining how businesses interact with their customers online. Here are the top digital media trends defining business in 2016.

  1. Videos

Videos are taking over. YouTube pioneered video content and is still the leader in that field. However, other platforms have come up supporting video content to a lot of success. These include periscope and Snapchat. Other ‘traditional’ platforms like Facebook and Twitter now have video content support capabilities. It has not stopped there; live videos are also becoming very popular with Facebook and YouTube now supporting live video streams. However, it is new entrants Periscope and Meerkat that are trailblazing this space. Live videos allow you to keep your online fans posted on all offline activations and events.

  1. Data

Today, content and engagement are data-driven. That enables social media managers to improve the performance of their campaigns. Numerous social media analytics have sprung up to help measure the impact and impression of the content that you send out. They also help you identify the best performing type of content whether text or image. You can use the site-specific analytics tools for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter or other tools like Hootsuite, Tweet reach, Tweet binder, or google analytics among others. Use the analytics to make market-driven decisions for your campaigns.

  1. Social Commerce

Social media is not only a place to build a brand but also to make sales. Over $3 billion of sales in the US, for example, can be attributed to social media. Social platforms have therefore continued their efforts to create commerce-focused features for companies to market themselves and advertise their services.

  1. SEO

While content still rules, competition for visibility is now cutthroat. Businesses are struggling to improve their ranking on social media. This is because people will most likely search for things online and go with the top search results. It is important to be ranked as high as possible. SEO helps you achieve that by optimizing your content organically. Since social content is now appearing in search results, you just cannot ignore SEO. Use hashtag best practices and include a keyword in your social post while staying within the character limits.

  1. Mobile

Smartphones have taken over, and many people are checking their social media on mobile. About 2 billion people have smartphones today with 80% of the internet users using smartphones. You should, therefore, tailor your content with the smartphone user in mind. This is particularly important when it comes to making ads. Design mobile-friendly images to maximize impressions and impact. When promoting a website, make sure it is mobile-friendly. Better yet, make an app.

While these are the top trends, new social media platforms are coming up thick and fast pushing the entire space to a different height. Digital is growing, and everyone in this space should be excited. As a business, keep an eye on any developments to stay ahead of the competition.

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